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Baby Massage Course

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In Indian tradition there is a separate group of women who are specially trained to massage new born babies. these women hold a special position in the care of new born babies. However slowly this tradition is dying out and there is a paucity of such specially trained women to massage new born babies. In view of this fact we intend to present a scientific course designed to not only train people in massage of new born babies but also in other aspects of neo-natal care. baby massage is different from regular massage. They have to be handled delicately. aspects like filling of anterior fontanalle cavity (talu), proper oils etc. are taught in this course. similarly exercising the infant, choosing proper clothes, using proper herbs while preparing bath water, etc will be covered in this course. useful for house-wives, soon to be grandmothers, workers in health sectors etc. Our desire is to help new parents everywhere learn how to massage their babies as soon after birth as possible. We accomplish this goal, step by step, by training instructors that enjoy teaching new parents infant massage.    
Course duration : 2 sessions of 1 hr each

Theory And Practical Session Includes

  • Basic Principals

  • Ayurvedic Methods Of Child Care

  • Introduction To Ayurvedic Baby Massage

  • Practice Of Baby Massage

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