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Published by Dr.Namrata in Womens Health · 21/8/2012 12:42:13
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What is GarbhSanskar?

A simple definition of Sanskar is –
“Sanskaro hi gunaantaradhanam”

Garbhasanskar is the process of nurturing the baby in the womb. Today every parent dreams about a healthy & intelligent child & would like to see their progeny successful in future .What the child is going to be in the future depends on what it goes through in those '9 months '. Not only those 9 months, the period even before, is very important .So, every pregnancy, should be planned. It should be ‘by choice’ & not ‘by chance '. The parents to be must be prepared mentally & physically to welcome the unborn child . Parents spend loads of money ,time & energy after the child is born for his /her development & growth .  But, the  crucial period when maximum efforts are to be taken for  betterment of the expected child is the 9 months of pregnancy . Garbhasanskar is not a new concept in India. It has been written about in our ancient Ayurvedic texts thousands of years ago.

Today science has proved that intrauterine baby can not only listen, touch, feel but also, can respond in its own way. 60 % of brain development occurs in the intrauterine period . Garbhasanskar are special efforts taken to stimulate baby’s senses gently so that there is maximum cortical development. Changes in diet, exercises during pregnancy form a part of Garbhasanskar. All this is directed towards keeping expectant mother happy & making pregnancy a joyful experience. In garbhasanskar communication with the baby is an integral part .It is proved that a baby is very close to the father’s voice .Stories, shlokas & songs if told by the father make a definite impact. Garbhasanskar is a science by itself but it is a beautiful, easy & inexpensive way to improve the  intelligent, spiritual & emotional quotient of an unborn child.

Traditional Indian GarbhaSanskar and therapies include-

1) Planning for a healthy child and preparing for pregnancy
2) Ayurvedic concepts and medical formulations for pregnancy
3) The importance of Healing Music
4) Yoga during and after Pregnancy
5) Diet before, during and after pregnancy
6) Daily practices that can help your baby in the womb
7) Complete child care
8) Natural diet and therapy that helps you regain your shape after delivery

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