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The coronavirus pandemic has affected everyone in so many ways. For many employees, the health crisis ushered in significant changes to the workplace, with a major shift to remote work. Further, with the heightened health consciousness and the increasing priority workers have placed on their health in the wake of the pandemic, another aspect of work that the crisis will impact is corporate wellness. More than 70 percent of workers have described the pandemic as the most stressful time in their professional careers. From getting pay cuts, experiencing financial stress, losing a loved one to the disease to the challenge of juggling remote work with home responsibilities, the coronavirus pandemic has taken a toll on employees’ mental and physical health. With most employees now working from home in the post-pandemic era, our Corporate wellness programs will now include more online health solutions, such as virtual fitness classes, webinars, and mindfulness exercises to meet the needs of the large remote workforce. One of the key aspects of our programme include post covid rehab & recovery therapies.

Our programmes aim to cover not only the mental aspect but also the physical aspect of an employee thus maintaining an equilibrium between body, mind and soul. We can provide you with various individualized programmes to start a complete Stress Management Programme within your business or at our centre.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements, to make an appointment for our Doctor to come to your workplace to discuss further how workplace therapy will benefit your workforce.

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