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Pizhichil / Shirodhara

Panchakarma Treatments

Pizhichil - Is a special form of treatment where in the whole body is subjected to stream of lukewarm medicated oil with simultaneous synchronized soft massage. This enhances blood circulation and lubricates joints. It prevents ageing, scales, wrinkles etc. and is one of the best treatment for paralysis, stiffness of joints and other muscular and neurological disorders. This is also highly rejuvenating

Shriodhara ~ A non stop continuous stream of highly medicated lukewarm oil, medicated milk or buttermilk and decoctions are poured gently on the forehead in a special manner .This treatment is beneficial in treating diseases like psoriasis, headaches, psychiatric and psychosomatic diseases, insomnia, greying and falling of hair, relives tension, stress and strain, reduces blood pressure and also general debility.

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