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Terms & Conditions

Panchakarma Treatments

During panchakarma treatment the following rules have to be strictly followed.

  • One has to use only warm water to drink, bathe( except for the head).

  • Avoid physical exertion and sexual activity during the treatment days and as advised.

  • Sleeping in daytime is contraindicated.

  • Natural urges should not be controlled.

  • Exposures to extreme temperatures or weather conditions have to be avoided.

  • Keeping awake late in the night is not advisable

  • Foods which cause indigestion can not be consumed.

  • Mental stress has to be avoided.

The Panchakarma therapy is not advisable for persons in whom the following conditions exist.

  • Menses, Lactation, Cancer, HIV or AIDS, Uncontrolled Hypertension, heart conditions like angina pectoris, congestive heart disease etc

  • Emaciation, Any Active Infectious Disease/ Fever, Pregnancy

If more than four-months elapse between conclusion of the consultation and the rendering of the service / therapy, the centre reserves the right to change prices without notice.

Under no circumstances will the treatment be resumed/ started beyond a period of 4 months after, taking a break from the treatment or making a payment, respectively.

Your treatment session will be at the same time each day so as to establish a regular routine for your body. Please arrive on time as others are also scheduled for Panchakarma after/ before you. Your treatments for the day may have to be abbreviated if you arrive late. There are no refunds for missed / cancelled appointments.

One must tell about the history of High Blood Pressure, Diabetes or any of the disease  they are suffering from, if any. It will make easier for the Physician to plan their treatment accordingly. Have patience with the therapies as these are processes, actual effect may be evident even a few days after conclusion, it all depends on the constitution of the person(prakriti) and the disease condition…

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