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The popularity of Ayurvedic treatment for hair fall is resulted from the proven healing techniques of Ayurveda and natural healing remedies involving use of natural herbs and herbal formulations in treating many such chronic health syndromes that are most common nowadays. Ayurvedic treatment for hair fall thus provides a healing which is much better than the common medicinal remedies in the allopathic tradition.

Hair fall occurs almost in all cases due to the weakening of hair roots in our scalp and once the contributing factors to this weakening can be addressed with proper medication hair fall automatically slows down. This is the reason why a lot of preventive procedures are suggested to check the hair fall beside herbal remedies. A balanced diet and nutritional input rich in vitamins, minerals and protein substance helps to strengthen the hair roots. Secondly in Ayurvedic treatment for hair fall some lifestyle adjustments are necessary like reducing work stress and other factors contributing to stress like lack of rest, anxiety, etc. These preventive measures work hand in hand with the treatment involving herbal medication and Ayurvedic formulations.

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