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Initial Consultation

Panchakarma Treatments

Initial consultation and diagnosis: We look at a person in a holistic way - we record not only the obvious symptoms, but take all aspects of a persons' life into consideration, such as their personality, their lifestyle, personal circumstances and state of health. These insights are used to rebalance their doshas - or energies (vata, pitta, kapha) - to restore optimal health.

Recommended treatment plan: Once the individually recommended treatment plan is drawn up, we explain it to our guest. To ensure success, we ask our guests to participate actively and take responsibility during the treatment period in order to re-establish the perfect balance of their doshas. Without personal commitment the treatments cannot be completely successful.

Treatments available  various ailments like -

Arthritis / Frozen Shoulder / Aches and Pains / Paralysis / Slip Disc / Sciatica / Spondilitis / Psoriasis / Leucoderma / Eczema/ Acne / Hyperpigmentation & other skin diseases / Hypertension( high blood pressure) / Insomnia / Mental tension / Depression / Sinusitis / Migraine / Obesity / Weight gain / Hair loss / Dandruff / Greying etc.

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