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Know Your Prakruti


Lean, thin
Moderate build
Rounded, tall, heavy

Reddish lustre
Generally oily, soft and smooth

Fast pace and talkative
Moderate pace and confident
A person of few but considered words

Dry body, little sweat
Tendency towards sweatiness
Tendency toward considerable sweatiness and oily skin

Irregular appetite
Strong appetite and strong thirst
Normal appetite and thirst

Tendency towards constipation
Tendency towards loose and liquid stools

Quick to memorize, but tendency to forget quickly
Slow to memorize, but good long term memory

Often experiences disturbed, short sleep
Generally long, sound sleep

Thin and dry hair
Medium colour tone with a tendency towards early thinning and or early greying
Thick, wavy and tending towards a darker color

Generally a liking for music, dance, books and travelling
Generally a liking for discussions, politics and doing any sports
Generally liking for water sports

Dry, cold and windy conditions
Heat and sun
Wet and cold conditions

Creative, friendly, good imagination, quickly starts something but takes time to finish the task; often impatient
Ambitious, confident, fiery personality and strong, determined will
Well grounded, truthful, loyal, patient and satisfied in life

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