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Monsoon Treatment Package / Karkida

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The relevance of Ayurveda Therapies in Karkidakam (Monsoon Season)

Monsoon is probably one of the most romantic seasons. You have days of downpour followed by occasional brilliantly smiling sunshine. Monsoon or VarshaRitu, as is known in Ayurveda is also considered as the best season for Ayurveda detoxification and rejuvenation. One of the main reasons why Karkidakam is regarded as the most suitable time for treatments is that during the extremely humid monsoon season, the skin's pores open to their fullest extent, allowing every therapy and herb to be absorbed and imbibed to the fullest extent possible. During this season, the body is most receptive to Ayurvedic therapies and medications, therefore their impact on the mind and body is greatest.

The Karkidaka treatments are a way to keep exacerbated Doshas under check and modulate the body's immunity, allowing a person to get through the rest of the year with a recharged and revitalised body and mind.

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