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Rejuvenation Therapies

Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage - Do you want to feel light, relaxed and energised again? Muscle tension, aches and pains can often hold us back from doing the things we want or need to do. Our head, neck and shoulder massage is beautifully relaxing and targets all the places you hold the most tension – the head, neck and shoulders. Choose your desired level of pressure, whether you need a strong massage to relieve built up tension, or a gentle and tranquil experience if you just need a break from busy life.

Back Massage - Back massage therapy is an extremely useful therapy. Many people suffer from back pain due to the jobs that involve sitting in one position for long hours. Back pain occurs when muscles start tightening leading to inflammation of muscles and discomfort in initial stages. When you go in for back massage therapy, you will be relieved of the pains in your body. Many healthcare providers are advising their patients to go for a back massage therapy along with medical treatment. There are various other benefits of massage therapy such as improvement in your sleep, relief from lower back pain and reduction in depression and anxiety.

Foot Massage - Leg and foot massage is an incomparable pleasure, which not only relieves fatigue, leaves leg muscles and the body in tone, but also is a unique relaxing procedure. Leg and foot massage is a little bit different from, let’s say, back massage. The difference is that foot and leg massage stimulates not only the muscles, which are directly rubbed, but also gives a positive effect on the whole body. And the reason for this is a huge set of reflex points, which are responsible for the state of the body as a whole. For example, there is a huge concentration of points in the arch of the foot, which according to modern reflexology are related to the spine. Therefore, stimulation of this area of the foot can help alleviate pain in the back and bring a general easiness to the body. The stimulation of the toes has a beneficial effect on the eyes, ears, nasal sinus, teeth and gums.

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